Summary of recent developments in Dance Moe DX

Precautions for Observers!#

This article tries to summarize recent reliable information, but does not guarantee that all content is true and credible. Please exercise caution when discerning.
This is the first time writing this type of article, so please point out any shortcomings!
By Chako


  • Before this
    • Someone DDoSed the server and used technology to tamper with others' data.
  • June 27th
    • Added timestamp verification to the Logout function (conventional methods of escaping the "black room" failed).
  • July 9th
    • 00:12 Unable to log in (actually SEGA switched game backend).
    • 10:00 Restored to normal (actually SEGA completed the switch of game backend).
    • ?(~22:06) SEGA enabled data protection, unable to transfer data.
  • July 10th
    • 00:46 Bilibili DanceMeng DX announced temporary maintenance domination.
    • 09:12 Title server temporarily restored, then went offline again (suspected rollback).
    • 14:19 Title server restored, all functions normal, fixed the issue of only being able to log in with userid.
  • The end! (Maybe?) (Hope so)

What happened after the backend switch?#

This update changed the login logic and removed the token.
Now, the backend only requires an 8-digit userid to log in anytime, anywhere. (And the first two digits of the userid are fixed)
Some "tech guys" used this change to log in to all accounts on the Chinese server, but it is not clear if there are any impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions#

  1. Q: Is it true that the scores seen online have been accidentally changed by others (such as: TiamaT: F minor 66666.6666% PANDORA PARADOXXX 999.9999%, these two images widely circulated in various DanceMeng groups)?
    False. SEGA enabled protection after the server explosion, and at this time, all data cannot be uploaded and saved to the server (so your DX Rating, collection, and song scores will not change).
    The former's playtime is 2024/07/03 17:46, and the latter is determined to be the Festival version based on the background, DanceMeng 2023.
    Both are unrelated to this backend update.
  2. Q: Why is the last login time 1970/1/1 00:00?
    The server disables the time function, and the interface defaults to returning a timestamp of 0, which is 1970/1/1 00:00.
    It doesn't mean you've become a veteran of the Qing Dynasty

Here's some personal opinions#

Huali is just an agent, probably can't touch the code.
It's useless to scold Zhu Zong, Zhu Zong is the sales director, it's impossible for him to rush into the computer room and unplug the network cable for you or catch whoever is doing something bad along the network cable.
Thanks to SEGA's magical backend and not giving the Chinese server the new version AUTH.
I hope everyone can distinguish the truth of the information themselves and not become a "I'm going, it's a chat record, I have to believe it.jpg".
If the network crashes, don't access DX Net and QR codes, first, it's useless; second, it puts a greater burden on the server.
Enjoy the game, love life.

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